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The benefits of customisation...

The market leader timeware® Professional is extremely powerful, even when supplied as a ‘cellophane wrapped’ package with no modifications. However, one of the most important features introduced way back in 2002 were ‘customisation points’ – points in the application that allow scripts to be inserted to perform tasks unique to each customer.

The benefits of customisation points are two-fold:

1. The Customer is extremely happy with a solution tailored to their exact needs.

2. The Partner is happy with a customer that is very unlikely to move to another supplier which helps to ensure another reliable revenue stream.

A customisation project starts in one of three places:

1. The customer has a specific need in a certain area of the system which is identified by themselves.

2. A timeware® specialist identifies requirement during a demonstration wish triggers a customisation meeting.

3. timeware® arranges to carry out a timeware® workflow analysis meeting where we discuss introducing automated processes within timeware® to eliminate errors and to reduce bottlenecks. We advertise these meetings in the timelines magazine  and in the meeting ask the customer to explain in detail their business methods and procedures relating to personnel, absence management, attendance, payroll and any manual connections to other computer applications. We then produce a report outlining our observations and we will make a number of recommendations on ways that the customer can improve their methods and procedures by utilising standard and customised features within timeware®.