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Be prepared for new Parental Leave legislation with timeware® 2015

timeware® users please note that timeware® Professional 2015 now supports the updated rules for Parental Leave due to be introduced in April 2015.

Key points

  1. Employees must have completed one year's service with an employer to qualify.
  2. 18 weeks of unpaid leave can be taken up to the child's eighteenth birthday with no more than 4 weeks per taken per year.
  3. Leave may be taken straight after the birth or adoption or following a period of maternity leave.
  4. Employees will need to request leave giving at least 21 days’ notice before the intended start date.
  5. Employers may ask for the notice to be in writing.


Further details on the new rules can be found at

For more information about preparing for this change, please call timeware® customer care on +44 (0)1706 659368.