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Auto Time Systems win top sales award...

The timeware® 2017 product launch last November at the Broadfield Park Hotel in Rochdale was a fantastic success thanks to everyone that attended.  The timeware® team are always proud to demonstrate a year’s worth of development work to some of the most important people from the UK time and attendance industry.

This year’s top partner sales award went to Auto Time Systems, a prize well deserved following a record breaking year that returned an increase of almost twenty five per cent on the previous year’s sales figures.
The timeware® team would like to say a special thank-you to Simon Nicholson, (ATS Sales Director), and Simon Kelley, (ATS Managing Director), for their tremendous efforts during 2016.

Four questions for the magazine...
Sitting in the training room of ATS’s brand-new, purpose built offices in Appley Bridge, Wigan with both Simon N and Simon K, it is evident just how serious both men are about their company providing the correct workforce management solution for each customer.

Question 1
”How long have you both been involved in the industry?”

Simon N ”I first started work for ATS in 1988, so that gives me 29 years experience. At that point, the company new nothing of timeware® because timeware® 2 wasn’t released until 1992. Bloody-hell, that means I’ve been selling timeware® for 25 years!”
Simon K ”I joined the ATS team in 1997, so that gives me 20 years experience. When I arrived, timeware® 4 was slowly being replaced by timeware® 5, our first Windows product, so that gives a combined total of 49 years in the time and attendance industry and 45 years with timeware® products!”

Question 2
”What qualities do you look for when choosing a product for your portfolio?”

Simon K ”We always carry several products in our portfolio which enables us to exactly match the customer’s requirement with the correct solution. We also like to be one step ahead of the competition so I don’t think I should give our competitors any more inside information!”

Question 3
”What was the most memorable timeware® sale and which features clinched the deal?”
Simon N ”The GEC project from 1993 was probably one of the most memorable. We demonstrated timeware® 3 and where competing against two other time recording companies each selling a well-established French and German system. We won the contract because of timeware’s® functionality and the fact that it was manufactured in the UK!”

And finally question 4
”What makes the ATS sales team so successful?”
Both Simon N and Simon K answer almost simultaneously: ”Commitment and hard work!”