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Another T&A specialist requests a timeware® re-brand…

We are pleased to announce that in October 2019, Stanley Security signed a partnership agreement with timeware® (UK) Ltd and became the latest company in the UK to sell a re-branded version of timeware® Professional.

Stanley initially approached the business in April of this year and were interested in the integration work that had been completed with Suprema. Stanley will initially be selling a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) version of the software limited to 100 employees and have plans to release a 250 employee and unlimited employee version within 12 months. All the timeware® systems sold by Stanley will include either the Suprema BioLite N2 or FaceStation 2.

Over the next few months timeware® will be concentrating on training Stanley’s sales and support teams with a view to building a business relationship that will last many years.

Some of the ‘more mature’ people in the industry may remember when Blick plc briefly became a timeware® partner twenty years ago and that Stanley purchased Blick around 2002.

This new partnership agreement gives timeware® a fantastic opportunity to work with a large re-seller committed to making a fresh mark in the UK time and attendance industry.